TR-dog® multi-dog tracker and trainer provides peace of mind about your pet’s location, with options to alert owners when the pet leaves your backyard or designated ‘safe area.’ Many pet trackers have the ability to set up a geofence around a designated safe space - like a backyard or neighborhood, and the owner can receive a notification when the pet ventures further. Some pet wearables also use tones and vibrations to train the dog on areas of the geofence so they are trained where to not go, and improve their overall behavior. Pet trackers give owners an inside look at what their pets do and where they go. Some pet trackers also provide more in-depth data about fitness and activity levels, helping owners keep their furry friends happy and healthy. These trackers can show when movement levels change from resting to high-activity, distances traveled, and some can even provide temperature checks so there isn’t the risk of leaving your dog in a hot car.